Tuesday, December 8, 2009

From Aunt Nannie...

I know that many of you have been wondering where Michelle and Joey have been lately with no blog posts. I keep failing to remember to do something she asked me to do...she wanted me to tell you that once again the computer has died. And I mean REALLY dead so it may be awhile since when she is at our house where she can use a computer she usually has too limited of time to post. In the mean time, I post regularly about Michelle's family on my blog...okay usually it is pretty Sophie oriented, but you can still get some updates there. The Joey and Michelle Di Regolo family and I would like to wish you all a "Merry Christmas!" Hopefully soon Michelle will be able to do that herself.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FYI: Trunk or Treat coming.

So Joey works for Doug Smith Autoplex in American Fork across from Target. I am only telling everyone this because, on Friday October 30, 2009 from 3:30 to 6:00 there is a free trunk or treat for anyone and everyone who wants to attend.
Last year it was a lot of fun and FYI Joey is helping put it all together so if you own a business/office or want to ask your boss to be in the trunk or treat call Doug Smith Autoplex @ 801 492 0111 and ask for Joey, it is also free for the business and a great way to advertise. Last year everyone passed out business cards and enjoyed themselves.
Oh and I know that several family members own their business or offices and are more than welcome and wanted to be part of the trunk or treat. You know who you are.

Friday, October 2, 2009


So with less hours spent at church on Sunday and more hours in front of the tube. I have discovered a sport that I enjoy watching. Yes you guessed it GOLF. I know it sounds ridiculous but I love watching the scenery and the excitement of if the golfer will get a eagle, birdie or par and disappointment I feel for the golfer for getting a boggie. This is kind of ironic that I now want to take golf lessons and spend my retirement on the green with Joey golfing the days away. I believe Joe will even enjoy our golf outings someday. The reason for the irony is that in high school I took a sports class that taught a different sport every two weeks so we learned like 8 sports. Golf was on of them. I had the whole semester to go play 9 holes and I never did it because I thought golf was lame. If I had only caught this fire 8 years ago my gpa would have been a little bit better from playing those 9 holes. I must add this as well, Joey loves to golf, and until this new phenomenon I would watch at the driving range, now that I have a desire, I think he will enjoy me around during the golf time more.
Just some thoughts.
There are a few good things that our children can learn from golf: honesty, a love of nature, good sportsmanship, geometry, meteorology (due to the fact that knowing how the wind speed effects the ball), how to dress nice and neat. Wow, I am changing so much, what would my teenage self think of me?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Saw this on Facebook and here are the words.

Hey there Delilah (I’m at the MTC)
by Jason Edward Cassel
Hey there Delilah, what’s it like at BYU?
I’m just a quarter mile away, but feel so far away from you,
But that will do,
Cuz two years from now I’ll be with you,
I know that’s true.

Hey there Delilah, don’t you worry about the distance,
Few more months and I can call you both on Mother’s D ay and Christmas.
Close your eyes,
Then just think of suits and ties,
But not other guys.

Cuz, you said you’d wait for me,
O, you said you’d wait for me,
O, I’m at the MTC,
O, I’m at the MTC, at the MTC.

Now have some patience and don’t think of dating Conner,
Cuz two more years you may be done with school,
But I’ll return with honor.
I can’t wait,
Just two more years till our next date,
It will be great.

O when you told me I was the love of your life,
And I just held you close and kissed you just like I’ll kiss my wife.
We can goodbye,
And I gave you my favorite tie,
There’s no need to cry.

Cuz, you said you’d wait for me,
O, you said you’d wait for me,
O, I’m at the MTC,
O, I’m at the MTC, at the MTC.

There were RMs who made fun of me and said you’ll never wait for me,
To them I say ‘oh ye, of little faith.’
Cuz we’ve been dating for two months and I think that that’s long enough,
To know someone enough to feel this way.
I carry your picture with me and talk about you constantly,
I’m driving my companion insane,
And you’re to blame.

Woke up this morning, checked the mail right at dawn,
And just believe me girl how shocked I was to read those words,
“Dear John, I think we’re through,
I meet a guy better than you,
Go ahead and cry if you want to,
Sincerely Delilah, missing you,
P.S. we’re through.”

O, you didn’t wait for me,
O, you didn’t wait for me,
O, you didn’t wait for me,
O, and I’m only at the MTC, at the MTC…

~Jason Cassel

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So cute

So I wish I had taken a video, but I would be able to figure out which one it was anyways.
Last night we had Leno on and the music from "The Primetime Band" made Joe dance. It was so darn cute. His head was going up and down right with the beat and when Joey and I commented on it together Joe got a huge smile on his face. It was so nice to see the old Joe coming back!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crazy Days

Sorry no post for a while. Our life has been crazy. Joe is in the middle of being sick with an unexplainable ailment. His stomach hurts when you touch it and to keep him happy I am giving him oxycodone, I must mention that I am afraid of such drugs and therefore do not give it as much as it is prescribed. Yesterday we spent the day at primary children's running tests trying to figure out the problem. The conclusion was that he has something but what that is they don't know. Thank goodness our insurance is so great and we no longer need to pay copays because this week we would have gone broke with all the phone consultations and the visit yesterday.
Since Grandpa died I have had no real time to think about him and be sad, yet I don't know if I will ever cry myself to sleep, I am just not that kind of person, sometimes I wish I were.
Anyways, useless rambling.
Sophie as of late loves to sing the ABC's song and everyday gets more and more of the letters right. She is so much fun and quite the spit fire. She is constantly saying, "GGGGUUUSSSS." Like he is so naughty. They are starting to play together which of course warms my heart.
Gus is now a crawler and so darling. Today we went to the post box and while I was taking Joe and Sophie outside I said to Gus, "Come on Gus". So when I came back he was crawling around the bar in the kitchen. I just giggled, he is just SO FUN!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Grandpa "Bruce" Nelson

My grandpa died this afternoon 3:08. He is my first grandparent to pass away. I got to the hospital this morning about 9:45am and stayed until 1:25. I was sure that once I left he would pass over and I would miss the event in life that only happens once and is I'm told quite peaceful. So sure I am feeling sorry for myself, I was there while hospice did all the paperwork, when grandpa took off the oxygen tubing and refused to use it, why the doctors came and grandma explained herself to them over and over again feeling guilt for something that she need not fell guilt about, I was able to spend a little one on one when no one was in the room. The most special thing for me was seeing my grandma show all the love and compassion that one hopes they will possess for their spouse after 62 years. Grandpa to showed all the love he could, his countenance would brighten whenever grandma spoke and he would look over to his left to see if she was their. I think that he was glad everyone cares but the he wanted grandma more than anyone.
I knew he was ready and grandma and I prayed at his bedside that he would feel the love we had for him and that the Lord's will would be done and that we hoped that he wouldn't have to suffer too much longer. So I am glad that I got a good couple hours alone with grandma, mom and aunt Sherrie. I am not a big crier when it comes to death, maybe it is all the close calls over the last year, so needless to say I wasn't needing tissues so maybe that is why grandpa waited until I left to leave as well. When I said good-bye I told him that I loved him and that it was alright if he wanted to go home.
I got back about 4:45pm and I got to visit with uncle Lyle and aunt Sherrie, uncle Tom, mom and dad, grandma, Kelly and Alyssa, and all my kids. I stayed until around 6:30 when the mortuary guys came to get grandpa's body. Sophie rode on the gurny and she enjoyed that. The boys were angels like normal and I got to thinking that I don't know what I would do if Joey were to pass away. I love him and it is times like these when I realise how much I take his love for me for granted.
How many of us take those we love for granted and forget how lucky we are? Do we show those we love how much we love them and enjoy every moment we have with them? I don't. I wish I did.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A few saddnesses

As I was pulling into Primary's parking garage my sister called to tell me that my mom's dad, grandpa Nelson was having a brain bleed and that they couldn't help me because (for obvious reasons) they needed to be there for him and grandma. I love my grandpa but I haven't seen him as much this year because of the low counts and catching him and Joey available at the same time.
The family chose to do an operation to help with the brain bleeding but grandpa they now know is full of cancer and has congenital heart failure so if one thing doesn't take him the other will. I would like to say I do well with the thought of death, but then I realize that I am like a camel. I can hold on so long and then the dumbest thing breaks me.
Joe is done now with the inpatient aspect of chemotherapy but Wednesday we are totally finished!!!
Another good thing, Gus is starting to crawl, he does this amazing push up that any adult male would be totally thrilled about if they could do it. And he takes a few crawls, I think he will be totally proficient just in time for our family to start going back to church, yeah I will be back but probably in the hall, well except for the fact that Gus is one of the best babies I have ever known.
The thing that broke my camel back, was that today Joey got me tickets to a premiere showing of the movie, 'Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs.' I don't know if it was good or not because Joe had a HUGE blowout and I had to go to the van to change his diaper and clothes and got locked out of the movie theater. Now if Joe and I were the only ones I would have just left but Sophie, Gus and my parents were inside. I had told the security guard that I had to go outside and he said he would let me back in. Well, miscommunication later and I missed the first 50-55 minutes of the show due to the lock out. I cried when I finally got inside the movie. I felt like leaving but I stayed and what I saw was delightful. Anyways, Joey called to complain for me and the theater said they do nothing if it was a private showing, hmmmm. I understand but shouldn't they check the doors?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hip, hip, hurray...

Today we start our last round of chemotherapy. Wow!!! I am not excited for Joe to be sick again, but I am excited that after this when he starts feeling better we don't have to push him back down. My children are all very happy people. I am blessed. Joey (my husband, people seem to mix up the two names) is Mr. Optimism himself, and our children inherited his outlook on life. Joe has always just grinned and bore all the trials that have been placed in front of him. I believe that children teach their parents how to be the best people they can be, now whether this continues into teenagehood or if that is where parents have to step up and start being a better example to their children than their children are to them, who knows but I am grateful to be able to learn from the babes.
On a side note, Sophie is doing much better. After further investigation she has a nice little blood shot eye, and a goose egg. Finally last night she stayed in her bed. Yeah!!!
Another side note, if you are a soda drinker, please save the can popper toppers, they can be donated to Primary Children's Medical Center as a donation for the Ronald McDonald house. Each one is worth 5 cents so they add up quickly. I can take them up for you if you want to drop them by my house.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Did this really happen?

Yesterday, I didn't feel like taking Sophie to church. She wanted to wear her swim suit cover up and I wouldn't let her. So she picked a little sting tank top with tights and her boots. I felt like it wasn't very appropriate for church and should have left her home, but I want her to make friends with the children in the ward and she loves the singing and learning about Jesus. So I took her and she was excited to attend nursery. When I picked her up she was not the little girl I left. When I left her she was happy, outgoing and confident. When I picked her up she was bashful, tired and snugly. The nursery leader said that the children had been playing ring around the rosys and they all fell on top of Sophie. She instantly acted tired and snugly, they figured it was nap time. I was worried about a concussion so I took her to the nurse across the street, no concussion.
Today I am taking her to the doctor, in the night she spike a fever of 102* and wanted held the whole time. The nurse said Sophie was probably traumatised, hmmmm. I will try to post what it is, but if anyone knows a chiropractor who is open today, let me know. I can't imagine that she isn't misaligned after such a fun event.
The stinky thing in all of this is that Sophie is two years old and has never even needed a bandaid, she has never had a boo boo, so she has know idea if she is in pain or that pain is what is is called. I think maybe I protect my kids too much, Joe never had a scrape of a sore until he was three and within a couple of months he had probably the biggest boo boo he will ever have. I don't wish pain on Gus but maybe I will try to protect without over protecting him. I don't want my kids to get hurt but it would be a good thing if they could tell me that something hurts when it does so that I can help them more effectively.

Then yesterday, my mother-in-laws dog died while they were at church. So Joey and I got to go to a dog funeral last night. Rest in peace Reagan.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Wedding...

The not so blushing beautiful bride. It was fun to see another couple get married, Joey and I have been to a few sealings at the Salt Lake Temple but never (except our own) at the Mount Timpanogos Temple, it is so very beautiful.

Gus just being cute.

Sophie and Kirstine made friends, it is so cute Sophie is big and she is small just like Erin and me.

Erin and Steve Allred cutting the cake.

Sophie loved the bubbles and even had to take one home. She tried so hard to blow the bubbles herself. Joe has a wonderful preschool teacher who decided that this week they would learn how to blow bubbles, little did she know that we would need these skills just the next day.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So last night was not quite so different than normal. I was up 2 times with Gus and Sophie came looking for me while I was nursing him and she couldn't find me so she decided that she would camp in the family room. She turned on the light and curled up on the rocking chair. I had watched as I was nursing going in and out of my room like, she was thinking "Why is mommy playing hide and seek right now?" I wanted to call to her, but I did not want to wake up Joe. So I went looking for her after I finished with Gus. She was so cute all curled up. I turned off the light and rocked her for a little while then put her back to bed. She said, "No mommy, no." So I picked her up again and held her until she was asleep. I love these moments when she prefers me. I know how dumb, but when I take her anywhere she is acts like I am such an embarrassment, and so when she wants to be held I do it.
Needless to say I was pretty tired this morning and since all the children were still sleeping, Joe now in my bed, hmmm, when will I learn? So I was sleeping too. When I heard a bang on my back door. I almost didn't answer. I went to the door, in all my just waking up glory, and my neighbour Larry was there. He said that he thought the goat was dying. We both go running into the 'pasture' and sure enough cute little Chuck Norris is unconscience. Larry starts to unwind the leashes,(the goats have knocked down the fence so many times we are in the process of putting in a more permanent fence. We just bought all the stuff.) While I just sit there all unhelpful. Larry then starts pushing on Chucks chest like CPR, without the mouth to mouth, Chuck starts to belch and then comes back to life. It took him a while to stand (about 5 or 10 minutes) then he got up tried to nurse his mother, but I imagine he has a terrible sore throat. I hope that he fully recovers but thanks to Larry he is not dead right now.


The neighbours that I have taken the time to get to know are all excellent people. All very understanding and kind to our family. We are lucky to live where we live.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Petting Zoo

Okay so call me a tight wad but I think that we enjoyed the goats as much as anything at the Thanksgiving point petting zoo, and we can step outside for free and play with them.
So I am only being not funny. We enjoyed the other animals too. I did decide that pigs stink worse than stud goats and look very disgusting to me. Therefore, I do not think that I will be getting a pig like I had planned on doing in a few years.
The cow loved Joe as you can see. It was a beautiful thing.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hurray!!! We have had a week of accomplishment. 1st: Gus can now sit. 2nd: Sophie is now potty trained. She has only had one mistake yesterday because she was locked in the car seat and it was tiny, but still that is the only one. The day before one and two the day before, not that everyone needs to know what her potty is like but I am so tickled that she is all done with diapers. 3rd: Joe only has one more round of chemo and then we are done. We are done with A treatment and the last is called B (original aye). 4th: Joe gets to go back to school so much sooner than I had anticipated. He will probably get to go in October sometime. His counts have to just drop and then come back up. He loved school so, Hurray!!!
Until another day, tootles

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I don't know how all these great bloggers do it but I never know which picture goes where. So I thought I would just put in some of the pictures I like from when the computer was sick.
The captions I would have said are, "Sunday naps with daddy." "Sophie is such a daddy's girl". "Mema with Gus, they best friends from the get go". "Go Joe, go. Look at him walk. It has been so long since he didn't cry when we put him in the gait trainer".

First Food

This is Aunt Nannie...Chel asked me to share this with you so here you go. Last week Chel, Sophie and Gus went to the zoo with our family while Joe and Joey were at chemo. Michelle couldn't find Gus's binky so she improvised with ice cream!!! Gus LOVED it! We all had a really nice time at the zoo...here are a few of the pics...if you want to see more visit my blog at http://zrfitz.blogspot.com/

All ready to visit the zoo!

On the carousel.

Gus and Mommy's ice cream!

Sophie loved her ice cream too!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I see

So this is the family picture my friend had posted of me. I think I now know how to take pictures from somewhere else.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Friend, and more

Whenever certain people that I really like call, I answer, "Hello, Friend." One of these people is my friend Natalie, her link is on my blog. I would like to say if you need a GREAT photographer she is the one. She took pictures of our family and they look wonderful, there is a preview on her blogspot, Lehi Wrights. I met Natalie through our mutual friend Jana, we all walked when our 4 year olds were tiny babies. I would talk to them about all the shocking news Joey and I were receiving from the doctors about Joe. There wisdom and friendship helped me through a very difficult time. I think that I wouldn't be so positive about all of Joe's health issues if I hadn't had them to talk to. I don't think that I ever told them thank you so, THANKS LADIES. I would wake up so excited to talk to them and I usually did most of the talking and still they would keep coming, Thank You.
I believe that Heavenly Father puts people in your life when you need them and usually I believe that they need you as well. I know that I have had some very wonderful influences in my life and even though I tell Joey that I want to move, I think it is just because I am bored of the same walls day after day. I can't paint or construct until Joe is cleared by the doctors, the fumes can irritate. So I sometimes think we should move but I don't think that I could ever be in a better more loving ward than the one I am in now. Thank you everyone for you love, prayers, kindness, and patience.
Love, Michelle
P.S. Our new operating system is different and I haven't figured out the picture thing yet, hopefully soon.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


This is disgusting!!!
So how yucky can something be? I have now had a puppy, a child and a GOAT urinate on me. I was untangling Stanley the goat this morning when he decided that I was standing just where he wanted to relieve himself. I was in the process of telling him how musky he smells and I must have offended because he immediately urinated on my leg.
I know this is gross but you must admit it is very funny and ironic (due to what I was telling him) at the same time.
P.S. Anyone want a goat, our baby goat is starting to wean and could use a new home.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Heat Wave

So all of June the weather was lovely. Then July hits and wham, a heat wave, I can remember year to year that July is the hottest month, but still I am surprised by the amount of warmth the 90's and 100's bring to the earth. At times like these there is nothing so glorious as a cool dip in a lake. Growing up we always went to Lake Powell, for the being years I was terrified of the water. I was sure a fish would pull me under, but by the time we quit going I loved it and would request it for a birthday present get away. I don't know why I was so blessed that my parents would actually take our family on vacation for my birthday but if I haven't said it before, THANKS DAD AND MOM. The last time I went I was 18 and I went with the single adults ward. It was fun but you know once you get through the teen years when your family "isn't so cool" and you realize that your family is the COOLEST trips are far better with the people you love.
I remember that it was all about devotionals at night and flirting during the day. I did make some great friends on that trip that I really enjoyed for that last year of singlehood after that trip. I miss my single friends and wonder what they are up to.
Well,the babies are needing attention, so I may finish this thought another day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sophie Jane

Sophie has moved into her own big girl bed this last month, actually the last week of June and she has done pretty good. If you count staying up until past 11:00 as good. She loves being in charge of herself a little bit. Joey has had to put higher locks on both doors so that Sophie doesn't escape (prison) and go outside and play at night. She also does quite good late at night with the potty training even if the rest of the day she doesn't do quite as well.
Sophie did the cutest thing the other night. She has a baby buggy, from aunt Nannie, and she decided that she would put it on her bed next to the wall so that her baby (Elmo) could sleep on her bed but in his own protective bed as well. I discovered her mischievous first and quickly called to Joey to come see. We busted up laughing right away. I love to hear him laugh, he promptly got the camcorder and recorded it. I am so glad he is the daddy so that our kids will have a piece of their childhood recorded or pictured.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hopefully back for a while

So our computer has now been reformatted or something like that.
So far July has been uneventful, well until last night. I was wanting ice cream because it has been so hot and Joey finally fixed the swamp cooler last night after he got home from work. So when he said that he wanted to go to the church and help set up chairs I asked him if he would please pick up ice cream. Well, he called right before check out so that he wouldn't forget anything, how considerate, then 30 or so minutes went by and he still wasn't home then he called, the van wouldn't start. So I called my friend Fiona across the street to have her watch the boys, Sophie was with Joey and so were the car seats, and she came right over and then Joey charged the van battery enough for us to get it home and then it died again in the driveway. Joey says that it is nothing. I hope that the curse of July doesn't hit to hard with the van.
I will post pictures soon I just want to make sure that the computer stays healthy a little bit longer.
Tootles for now.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hi Everyone

So an update... We have been pretty busy lately. We started the month of June off in the hospital with a fever of 105*. I was so scared for Joe but all is fine. Then we spent a couple uneventful weeks at home away from all life forms to stay healthy while our counts were low. Then when we got "clearance" I went crazy at the grocery store. I was so excited for fresh food that I went to the grocery store twice in a week to get more produce.
Then I got a tiller/cultivater from Joey just because he loves me and was hoping this would help me to get the yard more in order. It does help but the thing is so powerful.
Joey has been working in our yard a lot lately. It is looking like someone actually lives there. Joey is so darling. He often looks at the yard and gets ideas of what needs done and just goes out and does it. I often envy this. I enjoy yard work but the kids do not cooperate with the neglect of them that it results with.
Last night Joey decided that our dogs needed hair cuts. It was 10:30 at night. I was exhausted but Joey wanted my attention, I am quite thrilled when I please him. So we cut the dogs hair on our back patio. When we came in it was 11:30, I about died, because today we are getting yet another test done at the hospital, and I had to leave the house at 6:30 to be on time.
So even though a lot has gone on. I am sorry I can't post right now because my computer hates me and won't let me on, even though Joey gets on just fine.
Life is so good!!!! My parents, bless them, came over on Sunday so that Joey, Sophie, Gus and I could go to church together. It was so lovely. I didn't want to see it end. I am excited for next year when Joe can join us and we can all go to church every week as a family again.
Thanks for reading and have a lovely day:)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Computer Problems...

Michelle wanted me to let you know that she hasn't intentionally been neglecting you. She has had a lot of computer problems which are making it nearly impossible for her to blog. She wishes you all well and will post as soon as she can!

Friday, May 29, 2009

A day of TEARS

My computer has been broken all month. HMPH.
So today I am trying. Each of my children have had their turns for tears. Joe just could handle being outside while I was doing yard work and threw a royal tantrum for over 45 minutes, I hope I have the courage to go out and try again tomorrow. Then Gus has not been satisfied with the amount of milk he is getting. He is definitely getting enough but he sure doesn't think so. Sophie threw a tantrum because I wouldn't let her take the measuring spoons I was using.
I bake more when I need an escape. I made bread and cookies. I got a new recipe at enrichment and I have been experimenting. I really like it. I have eaten more bread in the last two weeks than in the last two months if not longer.
Anyways. I will hopefully write again soon.
Wish me luck, that the rest of the day will not be full of more tears.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Part 8: Tribute to Mother's week, my mom Lori

I have been blessed to have the best mom in the world. She is constantly helping and loving me and my family. She has done so many wonderful things for others in an anonymous way. She loves to help others and to not get the acknowledgment for it. She is such a great example to me. I feel so bad that this wasn't written before now but I wanted to save her for last. She has patiently read all of the other tributes and not asked when it was her turn. I am afraid that I do not do her justice. Who can? Mother's love their children in ways that no one understands, even their own children. I never even knew you could love someone so much until I was blessed to have children of my own. A mother would do anything for her children. Sometimes you think that it is so embarrassing the things that a mother will do, but I believe that in most mother's hearts they are only doing what they believe is right. My mom has always followed her heart with her children. I am grateful that she is my Mom. I love you SSSOOOO much Mom. I am grateful that Heavenly Father knew that you are who I needed as my Mom so that I could be the best me. Happy Mother's Day, you ARE the best!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Part 7: Tribute to Mother's Week, my mother-in-law Sallyann

I know I have 2 mother-in-laws. This is Joey's stepmom. She is so fascinating to me. I do not know her well because she lives in California, but I always enjoy a vacation to visit her and the rest of the family there. Sallyann grew up in England, this is a place that I want to go to so very badly. If Joey and I hadn't gotten married I was planning on going to England to live for a couple of years. Sallyann is a very kind, loving, patient, forgiving and accepting person. When we go to California she tries to make us feel at home. She spends as much time with us as possible and makes me feel like she is pleased we came. I love her and consider her one of my friends. She is always concerned about Joe and calls to check on him from time to time. So to Sallyann, thank you for all you do, especially for loving Joey so much. Happy Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Part 6: Tribute to Mother's Week, my mother-in-law Lisa

In keeping with my direction of thinking, I must continue even though I am not sure how to do this best. I realize this was probably not a very good idea, but here is to my mother-in-law. I am always afraid of offending my in-laws and so I hope I don't but I do not think that many of my in-laws read this.
Lisa is my mother-in-law. She spent about 8 years as a single mom to Joey and I believe she did a pretty good job. Joey is such a sweet and loving husband. I can tell by some of his little quirks that are so cute to me that he was raised by a single mom. Lisa worked hard to try to do what she could for the kids and since Joey's dad lived in another state it wasn't like he could be to involved all the time.
Lisa is a hard worker and always has such a well kept yard, something that I do not do too well, due to my paranoia about Joe and being outside. She also has a very cute store on Main Street in American Fork, you may have heard of it, Mona Lisa's she spends countless hours trying to make the store a memorable experience for those who come in to shop or visit. I admire her for her hard work and her keep on going even in hard times attitude. So Happy Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Part 5: Tribute to Mother's Week, My sister Rachael

First off, Happy Birthday. I am hoping that you do not read this until tomorrow.
I decided that since my sister is my little girls other mommy (nanna) that I would pay tribute to her. And since May 3 is her birthday I thought this would be the most appropriate of days to accomplish this tribute thing I am doing.
My sister and I did not get along the best growing up. She is only 5 years older than me but I was still the rival sister. I wanted to be like her, I wanted to dress like her and would try to borrow her cloths (I was always big for my age and she was petite for hers) She rarely let me borrow but on the few occasions that she did, I thought that I looked very good. I remember when she went to college and she sent me one letter. I was so excited. During this time frame of our relationship we did not make time for building a friendship with one another. I was glad to see her leave when she left for college and I thought that she did not like me when she left. But the letter helped me realize that she cared about me. I believe her leaving was the best thing for us. She was in and out a lot for the next few years. Then when my brothers started leaving on their missions she came back for good. When she came back our relationship started over with me being more mature and her more willing to try to get to know me. I now consider her one of my best friends. She has two beautiful step-children who she loves more than anything and a wonderful husband who understands her quite completely.
I want to tell her thank you for being Sophie's Nanna, I am grateful that you sacrifice so much so that I can be there for Joe while he has been so sick, and I have been so very scared that I would loose him.
I know you don't want me to say this but Happy Nanna's Day to you.
Love, Chel and Sophie

Friday, May 1, 2009

Part 4: Tribute to Mother's Week, Mema Ely

Joey's mom's mom is our Mema Ely. We see her quite a bit due to the fact that she comes over to our house pretty much whenever we ask her to. She has been a widow for over a decade, I am not quite sure the exact amount of years but I know that she misses Grandpa Ray so much. I was liked her from the very beginning. She always has a lot to talk about and I don't have to hardly do any of the talking. I have found that my life seems quite dull to me, and I would rather hear about anyone else. She comes from a artistic family and she enjoys drawing and singing opera. While growing up she took lessons and then as an adult she has sang at anything she is asked to sing at. She loves children and to this day she still works with the children at Mountainville Academy. I love you Mema and Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary

WOW!!! How the last 5 years have flown by. Joey and I dated for a year before we got married and that time seemed to creep by so slowly. Then we get married and every year goes faster and faster. Joey is a very loving and patient husband. He loves me and puts up with my opinionation and part perfectionistic ways.
If you ask Joey he would say I am the best mother, but I think he is the best parent. Our children love and adore him. If Joe is sad he can cheer him up and if Sophie is being naughty he knows how to get her to behave. Our children are night owls because I can't bear to not let them see their daddy and have his most optimistic attitude in their lives every day.
I love you, Joey and Happy Anniversary.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Part 3: Tribute to Mother's Week, Grandma Nelson

My mom's mom is my much loved Grandma Nelson. She is one of the sweetest woman in the world. She has gone through a lot in her life and yet keeps going forward. Like Mema Di Regolo, I don't see her very often. Growing up one of the main family vacations was going up to Afton, Wyoming to visit her and Grandpa. My grandma use to crochet the most beautiful doilies but the Christmas after Joey and I got married she suffered a stroke which took her crocheting abilities away. I was lucky enough to receive 3 doilies from her for my wedding and I treasure these, I don't think that Joey knows how precious they are to me, anyways. I think she has felt lost without the full function of her body, but she still tries hard. I love her. She has the warmest eyes you have ever seen, and the most giving heart. She would do anything she could for anyone. She is strong willed and has taught me the meaning of commitment. So Happy Mother's Day Grandma, I love you and thanks for the awesome example.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Part 2: Tribute to Mother's Week, Mema Di Regolo

If I am going to write about each of the Mother's in my life I will have to do more than one post a day all week.
Joey has two Grandma's they both go by Mema and both are wonderful. I am going to tell you a little bit about Mema Di Regolo tonight. When I met her I instantly adored her. She is one of those people who you meet and you want to know better. We share a few common interests. She is one of the best cooks I have ever eaten from. I have thought she should go on Hell's Kitchen for a few reasons:
1. She can cook like a pro.
2. She could hold her own against him. I don't think anyone could scare her.
3. How cool would that be, a 70 something woman winning a restaurant that she has no need for.
We also share the love of gardening. I don't think my neighbors would agree that I like to garden, I just don't have a lot of opportunity for that kind of wonderful adventure. Mema has lemon bushes and orange trees, and she goes to the farmer's market every week so that she can get fresh produce and try out the new kinds of fruit the farmers are experimenting with. She also (I know this is selfish) but she calls my phone to talk to me over calling Joey, and I love it. I am not in competition with Joey and honestly until just this last Sunday I thought that she called him too. This aspect of her calling me helps me to realize that she likes me too, and I don't know about anyone else but as a daughter-in-law I want my husbands family to love me like one of their own, and with Mema I feel that way. I think that Mema is great and I can't wait to see her again and get to know her more. So Mema if you read this I love you and Happy Mother's Day.

Part 1: Tribute to Mother's Week, Grandma Bennett

This week I am going to write a little about the different mother's in my life.
My grandma Bennett, is my dad's mom and one very special woman to me. From the third grade to the tenth we lived 2 doors and across the street from her. I would go early to church every week so that I could get the honored seat next to her. I adored her. I would try to sit like she sat, sing how she sang and I even wanted to dress like her. She has good taste but as a child you should probably dress like a child not an adult. Anyways, I love her so much. I don't go and see her as much as I should but I think about her every day. I had a pet name from her, or so I thought all growing up. Some may be offended by it but she called me 'little shit'. I loved it. I see nothing wrong only affection from this term coming out of my grandma's mouth. My grandma Bennett works hard everyday. She worked on her father's farm growing up and now she helps my grandpa with he and my uncles farm. Mostly sorting fruit and going to the market without ever complaining. I hope to be like her in so many ways. I know she reads this and I just want her to know that I love her, and I feel so lucky that she surprised us with a lovely visit yesterday. How lucky were we? I love you Grandma and Happy Mother's Day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


So this morning I asked Sophie as I was doing her hair. "Sophie are you a polygamist?" She quickly responded, "Yep". I asked her this because when bangs are growing out I tend to put them into twists, which remind me of polygamist woman's hair style. I do this even to my own hair. It just seems better to me than a bobby pin. So here are some pictures of Sophie with her polygamist hair style. I think she is darling, but if you think I disgrace her with the hair style let me know so I can try a new style next time. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I usually don't do this...

How darling, they match.

Sophie and her much loved Aunt Nannie. Playing outside on the swing set. Sophie was so excited.

Gus sleeping next to Joe. How cute, Joe doesn't quite know what to think.