Monday, January 31, 2011

Bald Eagle in Lehi

Yes you saw it right I was driving home from dropping Sophie off at Preschool last week and saw a bald eagle, just up the street from our house. It was so gorgeous. No wonder it is the National Bird.

This was the coolest natural thing all week. Forget the snow and show me Eagles.
People drove by and I tried to point it out to them like I was at Yellowstone, but they didn't care.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I am going to be catching everyone up on what has been going on, since well people responded to my last post.

Gus has moved into a big boy bed. This occurred in November after the sweet boy fell on his head yet again (remember he is a real boy now), while climbing out of the crib. I told Joey that I would rather have him fall a short distance out of a big boy bed than a high distance from a crib. And lets be real I was not loving the crowded feel of the boys room with two twin beds and a crib. I hated going in there and totally understood why they didn't like sleeping in there. I now love the open feel of their room.

With no crib I can no longer confine Gus. So we try to do the taking him back to bed but sometimes kids just think the siblings bed is so much better. At our house Joe's bed is the coveted bed. Gus was struggling since he decided to nap this weekend and late at that so I asked him if he wanted to sleep with Joe and he said, "Ya". I put him in there and wow 2 minutes later I went in there and they were both asleep. Yay!!! Easiest bedtime in ages, the thing is kids move in their sleep and therefore Gus gets woke up and comes into my bed. Always some sleeping problem, but thus is life.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Joey is so good about giving our kids experiences. So last night we went to the circus. It definitely helped that the school and Joey's work gave up discount tickets. It was fun, but it was no Barnum and Bailey I have to go to another one of those. I remember going to the DELTA Center at the time and seeing them. One of my siblings had a program go missing because I stole it so I could look at it each night before I went to bed. Sorry which ever sibling I robbed.

This is Joe and I having an awesome time. He danced and clapped and was so darn cute the whole time.

This is Joey's mom (Mema), Gus and Sophie. Sophie was telling me in the van that Mema is her grandma because it is her name. So I explained that no it is because she is daddy's mommy. Then I asked why Grandma Lori is her grandma and once again because it is her name. So I explained that one. Then I asked her why Grandpa Jeff is her grandpa. She told me with a bit a smugness, "Because he is cute!" I just laughed and let the subject go.

Sophie riding a pony. I told Joey that we should get rid of our goats and get a pony. The kids would have so much more fun with one of those and hopefully it wouldn't kill trees.

OMG!!! Talk about a glare. Yes our happy baby hit terrible two's about the time I took a break from blogging, this is one reason, no point fighting him to post. Behind him is a live black bear. I told Joey not to get to close, these animals may be able to do trained things but you never know if they will decide to rogue.

Joey wants to have me blog more so if you do too, let me know.