Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pictures of the kids

I realize that I don't take enough pictures of Joe. Typically I only take pictures of the other two if they do something naughty or if it is something cute that they do together that shows me how cute of friends they are becoming. I love this grin on Joe's face. Gus feels big when he can sit on any type of chair instead of being on the floor or a lap. Sophie decided that she needed to join in.

Sophie decided the other day that she wanted to do dishes. So who am I to tell her no?

I went somewhere a couple of months ago and when I came back, Joey had taken this picture. I thought it was so darling and since Gus has never done this for me I thought I would post it and show everyone how cute he sleeps. Also if I open his door during nap or bedtime he wakes up so no crib sleeping pictures.

When I was single I would call myself a bum in pants person, I no long look unless...have you ever seen a cuter bum?

Sophie and Gus are the cutest friends. Sophie plays with music toy and Gus sits on this rocking chair and feels big and enjoys the music.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


For the last 3 weeks I have been having headaches, some make me nauseaus and others just are plain annoying. So today I tried taking a nap while Gus was asleep. I put Seasame Street on for Joe and Sophie and layed down. Sophie kept saying 'Mommy stop sleeping. Wake up.' Joe just moaned because yes I was being selfish and forgot that he hadn't had lunch(Can I claim insanity from too many headaches). He was acting tired so I figured that he could sleep with mommy and everyone would be happy.
Finally the moans made me realize about the feeding situation so I got up and hooked him up and finally.

and now this. (No sleeping for mommy while he is awake, oh well.)

Now on to Sophie.

So I was so excited that pajamas weren't being worn everyday so I found this dress and got it for Sophie thinking oh what a pretty princess dress,

so does she like it NOPE. HATES it.

Cries when I bring it near her.

I would just give the thing away but it is brand new except for the 2 minutes I made her wear it for these pictures to try to convince her of its beauty on her. And I spent way to much and only want half of what I spent. Anyone want to buy this dress let me know it is a size 4.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am learning.

So I have now changed my own background. WOW! I added a new gadget, and if you know me very well, you would know that yes, I should be bragging. I am a computer moron. It didn't turn out like I wanted it to, but oh well enough time spent on here for the time being, tootles.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not sure they will appreciate

I am not so sure that anyone will appreciate the new header picture but I love this picture and just found the cd from our wedding and am so excited. I wanted to show some off. Any ways there is another of this same way but oh well. Today is Joey and my 7th anniversary of our 1st official date.
Joey took me to a dance recital I had to attend that I found out about that day and he was a great sport. We then went to dinner at Carraba's Italian Restaurant and loved it. First time for both of us (we use to go there every year until the year Joe threw up there all over Joey). Then we went to the UVSC Institute dance and I got to see Joey's awesome dance moves. I tell you I fell in love right there. There has never been anyone who could make me laugh or smile as much as Joey. I love him and am glad that he dated me long enough to know my quirks and love me despite them.
LOVE YOU, Joey, thanks for being my man, bestfriend, husband, father to our children and the honest man you are.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Follow me MPPH Syndrome.

So I've just decided that if someone from Italy who I have no idea who it is wants to follow my boring blog shouldn't I try to get more followers. I figure that the Italian probably googled the last name and ours came up.
So as part of the title I am putting the name of Joe's syndrome so maybe someone will google it and this blog will come up and maybe then we can find someone else with a family member with it. If you have a family member with this syndrome please contact us. Thanks.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Making cake and Having Kids

This is a picture of Harriette the white baby and Nellie the mommy. They were born yesterday February 18th around 1:30. I was surprised and VERY excited.

This is a picture of either Nels or Austin "danger" Powers. Please vote on which name you like better or put in suggestions. I saw him first and didn't see Harriette until after I went to see him.

So on Valentine's Day I was trying to be festive so I made this Lemon cake with a fluffy white icing. This was surprisingly easy and quite beautiful.

I am going to attempt to do another cake for Gus's birthday.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

11 months already

My sweet Gus is 11 whole months old TODAY! Can you believe it. He is getting so big and very clever. Gus can now: hold his head up, roll in all directions, sit, four point, crawl, walk, say "dada" and "mama" smile, laugh, has 7 teeth, I think he needs a hair cut but Joey refuses them those until at least 1 year old, and just today learned how to make a whistle make sounds. Gus amazes me and makes me laugh and feel so happy that Heavenly Father sent him to us. I forgot, Gus can climb, why oh why do babies love to climb?
I remember loving to climb the trees in my front yard as a kid. Me and my friends would be up and down the trees and would drag our dolls up there because we pretended the trees were our houses and our babies needed to be in the house. (anyways there is a side note about me) Oh yeah. One thing that I wish I had in my yard was some big climbing trees how I miss climbing trees. I think that in some ways that might be why I enjoy the first half of the Twilight movie. I wish that I could climb a tree that big. There is nothing quite like looking through the leaves to the world below. (Nice tangent aye?)
So next month obivously will be the big birthday party. So mark those calendars. It will be on Wednesday because that is Gus's birthday and that is what works best for Joey and our family. Let me know if you want to celebrate with us.