Saturday, July 25, 2009


This is disgusting!!!
So how yucky can something be? I have now had a puppy, a child and a GOAT urinate on me. I was untangling Stanley the goat this morning when he decided that I was standing just where he wanted to relieve himself. I was in the process of telling him how musky he smells and I must have offended because he immediately urinated on my leg.
I know this is gross but you must admit it is very funny and ironic (due to what I was telling him) at the same time.
P.S. Anyone want a goat, our baby goat is starting to wean and could use a new home.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Heat Wave

So all of June the weather was lovely. Then July hits and wham, a heat wave, I can remember year to year that July is the hottest month, but still I am surprised by the amount of warmth the 90's and 100's bring to the earth. At times like these there is nothing so glorious as a cool dip in a lake. Growing up we always went to Lake Powell, for the being years I was terrified of the water. I was sure a fish would pull me under, but by the time we quit going I loved it and would request it for a birthday present get away. I don't know why I was so blessed that my parents would actually take our family on vacation for my birthday but if I haven't said it before, THANKS DAD AND MOM. The last time I went I was 18 and I went with the single adults ward. It was fun but you know once you get through the teen years when your family "isn't so cool" and you realize that your family is the COOLEST trips are far better with the people you love.
I remember that it was all about devotionals at night and flirting during the day. I did make some great friends on that trip that I really enjoyed for that last year of singlehood after that trip. I miss my single friends and wonder what they are up to.
Well,the babies are needing attention, so I may finish this thought another day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sophie Jane

Sophie has moved into her own big girl bed this last month, actually the last week of June and she has done pretty good. If you count staying up until past 11:00 as good. She loves being in charge of herself a little bit. Joey has had to put higher locks on both doors so that Sophie doesn't escape (prison) and go outside and play at night. She also does quite good late at night with the potty training even if the rest of the day she doesn't do quite as well.
Sophie did the cutest thing the other night. She has a baby buggy, from aunt Nannie, and she decided that she would put it on her bed next to the wall so that her baby (Elmo) could sleep on her bed but in his own protective bed as well. I discovered her mischievous first and quickly called to Joey to come see. We busted up laughing right away. I love to hear him laugh, he promptly got the camcorder and recorded it. I am so glad he is the daddy so that our kids will have a piece of their childhood recorded or pictured.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hopefully back for a while

So our computer has now been reformatted or something like that.
So far July has been uneventful, well until last night. I was wanting ice cream because it has been so hot and Joey finally fixed the swamp cooler last night after he got home from work. So when he said that he wanted to go to the church and help set up chairs I asked him if he would please pick up ice cream. Well, he called right before check out so that he wouldn't forget anything, how considerate, then 30 or so minutes went by and he still wasn't home then he called, the van wouldn't start. So I called my friend Fiona across the street to have her watch the boys, Sophie was with Joey and so were the car seats, and she came right over and then Joey charged the van battery enough for us to get it home and then it died again in the driveway. Joey says that it is nothing. I hope that the curse of July doesn't hit to hard with the van.
I will post pictures soon I just want to make sure that the computer stays healthy a little bit longer.
Tootles for now.