Friday, April 23, 2010

We did it!!!

I have been threatening the binky removal for a couple months now, but with the onset of 4 ear infections the croupe and a cold I just couldn't take away his binky. The other night we had been healthy for a week and the binky went missing. I told Joey that tonight is the night. It was horrible. Gus went to bed like an angel and turned into a demon by 4 by 6 he was back asleep. Last night he slept all night!
When Joe was a baby and I broke him the therapist told me kids forget after 2 days that they need it. I think this is why you break them when they are babies and not toddlers. Sophie remembers things about 2 months ago.
In the two days of no binky Gus has already started to be more vocal and is such a doll I am so thrilled that I have each of my kids.

On to another subject we had a broken irrigation pipe and my dad came over to help us fix it. He is so good to help us out so much. My great friend Fiona told me that I should take pictures of my kids with my parents and Joey's parents anytime they come because someday they will be gone and we will all treasure the photos of our grandparents. So I took her advice and took these pictures.