Friday, January 30, 2009

Hanging out at chemo!

Yesterday, Joe and Michelle went to the hospital for another round of Joe's chemo. This one is a different one than the previous drugs used and he's not having an easy time at it. He is such a trooper and so is the rest of his family since it causes them each stress and pain in different ways. Hopefully, Joe and Michelle will get to come home tomorrow, it's really hard on them being cooped up in a hospital room. Please keep them all in your prayers. Sophie has been in really good spirits this time around with us which has made it a blast to have her...she keeps Mom and I laughing constantly. Today, we took Sophie up to see her Mommy and brother and then while Grandma sat with Joe, I took Michelle and Sophie to the zoo to get them out of the hospital for awhile. Michelle said it was nice to stretch her legs and Sophie loved the animals which according to her either growl or moo. If you want to hear more about our trip to the zoo visit my blog at there is a link on Michelle's to get there under Z and R Fitz. But in case you don't want to visit my blog, here are a few of the pics from the hospital and zoo.

At the Hospital!

At the Zoo!

Monday, January 19, 2009

So Scarry

A week ago Sunday I got a call from the bishopric to give a talk in church. I accepted and Joey was furious, due to me being only 6 weeks away from delivery. Anyway, Joe's blood counts were up and Joey wanted to hear me speak in church so our whole family got ready and headed to church. We haven't gone to our ward as a family since August due to isolation with the cancer. So again anyways, all week I had prepared my talk which is unusual for me a procrastinator. I really enjoyed all the learning and insights the Lord was giving me on how I can improve. I even wrote my talk so that if I got nervous I could read it word for word. Well, as we pulled into the parking lot and parked, Joey openned my door then went around to get Joe out of the carseat. As I finished getting Sophie out I hear Joey say, "Oh no!" I looked over and Joe's GT Button was hanging out of his stomach. I was in shock, I have almosted pulled that thing out so many times on accident and the thing seemed in so tight. So just this last Thursday I had taken the hospital bag out of the van because we hadn't needed it for a while. (Always be prepared should be a motto I live by, but I seem to never quite pack a diaper bag right.) So Joey had to run home to try to save the hole before it closed up to tight. When he didn't come back by the sacrament song I kept hearing the promptings to go now so I got up and left the stage without any notice. I get tired of feeling like when we have something go wrong it is all in the public eye, but I guess here I am posting it for the whole world to see. So I never gave my talk and the ER was a bunch of fun at PCMC. Everything is okay, GT buttons need to be immediately put back in but it is by no means life threatening to Joe, just a lot a pain, the cute little guy is a champ and one of my heros. So for the scare, but all is good.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Joe just finished his blind therapy for the week and today he learned the color yellow. She is an excellent therapist and no complaints by me on how great she is with helping Joe overcome his vision impairment. She started by having him play with different yellow colored toys. Then she introduced red toys. After both had been played with she brought one of each infront of him and asked him to touch the yellow toy. He did so 9 times out of 10 and the 10th time he was kicking the yellow toy but she said that feet didn't count. I am so proud.
Sophie today has been so cute, yet something scary happened. I put on ELMO so I could shower in peace for 5 minutes when I heard a scream. Sophie came running in crying so hard because she had taken her baby dolls pacifer and put it in her mouth and it had gotten stuck. Luckily she is unharmed but the pacifer is now on a trip to the dump in the garabage can.
Joey is helping out up at the auto show and if anyone wants to go we may or may not be able to get discounted tickets. Let us know.
As for me I am busy as ever and still hoping that I will continue to find projects to fill my time. Right before Christmas I rearranged the family room, last week I did Sophie room and this weeks goal is to get Joe and babies room all ready for the big day. Say I am crazy but if I ever paid and interior decorator it would be a wasted because within six months I would rearrange everything again. I love to rearrange is anyone else like that or is it something I only do?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Very Interesting

So yesterday my sister posted a very interesting and could be controversial blog on her blogspot. (pet peeves). I loved it. I think she makes very valid points and it made me stop and think if I am doing everything that I can do to be the best wife to Joey and best mother to my very beloved children. I think everyone has room to improve but I think if you go and read it (which is highly suggested, even if you just want to have your husbands read it to see if they agree, mine did) you will enjoy. We all have room to improve and sometimes we take offense to quickly when we should look at things in the light of what can I take from this to improve myself.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Yesterday we had our home health nurse over to do a blood draw and I was telling her how lucky I felt that Joe hasn't needed blood this round. Well, two hours later the doctors office called and gave us an appointment for today to go and get blood. Getting blood is a whole day experience. I left the house with Joe at 9 o'clock and we got home just before 6 o'clock.
Luckily for us Joey had a day off today and he and Sophie spent a lovely day together (Joey even did Sophie's hair very cute). While Joe and I just sat and snuggled in the doctors office. I can only speak for me, but I had a great time bonding with Joe one on one.
I want to remind everyone that God only closes a door when another one has been openned. So always look for where that new door is.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Vacation

Our family had such a wonderful Christmas and New Years.
Joe has done so great this round of chemo. He is still eating (but only like a bird). His hair is coming back but his eyelashes and eyebrows just can't quite stay in place. He is feeling good enough to even tolerate 10 or so minutes in the gait trainer. This is a walking device we got for Joe two weeks before the cancer was found. Sophie loves to push him around and play with him when he is in the walker. I think she likes the fact that at those moments he can get around like her.
Sophie is quite the little princess. She has found her first love. ELMO. If we want her to do something and it doesn't work to bribe her with visits to her beloved Aunt Nannie then Elmo is the best bribe. We are trying to get her to go potty again. She does most of the things she needs to, to be potty trained, except go on the potty again. She did great for about a week of mornings but lost interest. I am hoping for June.
Our family found out the gender of the baby. We are still trying to decide if we should tell. Just Kidding, He is a boy. Joey is about as excited as he was with each of the other kids. He was glowing when he found out. As for me I just hope that he is healthy and happy. I could really use a good baby again this time. He kicks all the time especially around 10:30 at night, hopefully we don't have another night owl on our hands. Joe is a night owl for those of you who don't know, he could go to sleep at 10 or 11 and still wake up happy at 7:30 in the morning. Needless to say we have crazy hours at our house.
Until next time thanks to everyone for your love and support.
Di Regolo Family