Saturday, July 28, 2012

No real surprise

As many of you already know we are expecting our baby #4. It is hard to believe that I am going to have so many babies to care for. I go back and forth about if I am ready. I keep wanting to have just go into labor and meet this busy little gal, then I think about all the closets that need organized and the addition out front that is far from being done and think stay in, please stay in.
I have decided that after this baby I will be better at exercising. Kind of feels like, ya what a joke, but I feel so motivated right now which is unusual for me the last couple pregnancies.
This part is for journaling if we ever decide to have more I will remember. I was never sicker than with this baby. I bled off and on for the first trimester. Thus causing me to need to take iron, and thus causing me to be nauseated pretty much continuously, thus causing me to be short tempered and stand offish with everyone I came in contact with. I lost me desire to go shopping. I cringe at the grocery store and hate all the money I have to spend there. (I have started to enjoy Home Depot shopping quite a lot which is way more expensive I must say than clothes or grocery shopping.) The second trimester was pretty awesome though. I did start to gain the weight and put on pretty much all I was going to during those 13 or so weeks. I felt good, and enjoyed the sunshine. But pretty much come 30 weeks the yuck that was present in the first trimester morphed into an on again off again, pain somewhere or another.
As this pregnancy closes I must say that I feel completely blessed that Heavenly Father is blessing our family with another one of his precious children. I hope to be a good mother to all my children and try to be. I will be glad to hopefully feel better so I won't be so emotional about everything.
I will post pictures once our bundle comes and thank you to everyone who is close for being so patient and tolerant of the not so desirable pregnant me.

My little Cassie

One month ago, which I must admit has gone by super fast, I gave birth to my little Cassie.
She is one of the most peaceful babies I have ever spent time with. My other babies all loved and cried for the binkie. Cassie bless her will whimper for a second then I pick her up and she snuggles in. I adore her. My other kids I was so tired I would have Joey stay up late with them. Nope not her. I really am enjoying the newborn phase. I feel good. I enjoyed my other babies, but I think that age, maturity, and more confidence in what I am doing has helped me to enjoy Cassie more.


This whole format has changed since I last posted. I may go even longer since now I have no idea what or how to do anything on here. Since last post our family has welcomed a lovely little girl into our lives. She is a joy to be around and truly one of the easiest babies I have had.
I only have a couple saved to the computer the rest are on facebook. My sister put them on for me and I need to take the time to save them on here, but alas, I really think it is time to take a computer class and catch up with with the 21 century. This is our family on Mother's Day.