Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So cute

So I wish I had taken a video, but I would be able to figure out which one it was anyways.
Last night we had Leno on and the music from "The Primetime Band" made Joe dance. It was so darn cute. His head was going up and down right with the beat and when Joey and I commented on it together Joe got a huge smile on his face. It was so nice to see the old Joe coming back!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crazy Days

Sorry no post for a while. Our life has been crazy. Joe is in the middle of being sick with an unexplainable ailment. His stomach hurts when you touch it and to keep him happy I am giving him oxycodone, I must mention that I am afraid of such drugs and therefore do not give it as much as it is prescribed. Yesterday we spent the day at primary children's running tests trying to figure out the problem. The conclusion was that he has something but what that is they don't know. Thank goodness our insurance is so great and we no longer need to pay copays because this week we would have gone broke with all the phone consultations and the visit yesterday.
Since Grandpa died I have had no real time to think about him and be sad, yet I don't know if I will ever cry myself to sleep, I am just not that kind of person, sometimes I wish I were.
Anyways, useless rambling.
Sophie as of late loves to sing the ABC's song and everyday gets more and more of the letters right. She is so much fun and quite the spit fire. She is constantly saying, "GGGGUUUSSSS." Like he is so naughty. They are starting to play together which of course warms my heart.
Gus is now a crawler and so darling. Today we went to the post box and while I was taking Joe and Sophie outside I said to Gus, "Come on Gus". So when I came back he was crawling around the bar in the kitchen. I just giggled, he is just SO FUN!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Grandpa "Bruce" Nelson

My grandpa died this afternoon 3:08. He is my first grandparent to pass away. I got to the hospital this morning about 9:45am and stayed until 1:25. I was sure that once I left he would pass over and I would miss the event in life that only happens once and is I'm told quite peaceful. So sure I am feeling sorry for myself, I was there while hospice did all the paperwork, when grandpa took off the oxygen tubing and refused to use it, why the doctors came and grandma explained herself to them over and over again feeling guilt for something that she need not fell guilt about, I was able to spend a little one on one when no one was in the room. The most special thing for me was seeing my grandma show all the love and compassion that one hopes they will possess for their spouse after 62 years. Grandpa to showed all the love he could, his countenance would brighten whenever grandma spoke and he would look over to his left to see if she was their. I think that he was glad everyone cares but the he wanted grandma more than anyone.
I knew he was ready and grandma and I prayed at his bedside that he would feel the love we had for him and that the Lord's will would be done and that we hoped that he wouldn't have to suffer too much longer. So I am glad that I got a good couple hours alone with grandma, mom and aunt Sherrie. I am not a big crier when it comes to death, maybe it is all the close calls over the last year, so needless to say I wasn't needing tissues so maybe that is why grandpa waited until I left to leave as well. When I said good-bye I told him that I loved him and that it was alright if he wanted to go home.
I got back about 4:45pm and I got to visit with uncle Lyle and aunt Sherrie, uncle Tom, mom and dad, grandma, Kelly and Alyssa, and all my kids. I stayed until around 6:30 when the mortuary guys came to get grandpa's body. Sophie rode on the gurny and she enjoyed that. The boys were angels like normal and I got to thinking that I don't know what I would do if Joey were to pass away. I love him and it is times like these when I realise how much I take his love for me for granted.
How many of us take those we love for granted and forget how lucky we are? Do we show those we love how much we love them and enjoy every moment we have with them? I don't. I wish I did.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A few saddnesses

As I was pulling into Primary's parking garage my sister called to tell me that my mom's dad, grandpa Nelson was having a brain bleed and that they couldn't help me because (for obvious reasons) they needed to be there for him and grandma. I love my grandpa but I haven't seen him as much this year because of the low counts and catching him and Joey available at the same time.
The family chose to do an operation to help with the brain bleeding but grandpa they now know is full of cancer and has congenital heart failure so if one thing doesn't take him the other will. I would like to say I do well with the thought of death, but then I realize that I am like a camel. I can hold on so long and then the dumbest thing breaks me.
Joe is done now with the inpatient aspect of chemotherapy but Wednesday we are totally finished!!!
Another good thing, Gus is starting to crawl, he does this amazing push up that any adult male would be totally thrilled about if they could do it. And he takes a few crawls, I think he will be totally proficient just in time for our family to start going back to church, yeah I will be back but probably in the hall, well except for the fact that Gus is one of the best babies I have ever known.
The thing that broke my camel back, was that today Joey got me tickets to a premiere showing of the movie, 'Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs.' I don't know if it was good or not because Joe had a HUGE blowout and I had to go to the van to change his diaper and clothes and got locked out of the movie theater. Now if Joe and I were the only ones I would have just left but Sophie, Gus and my parents were inside. I had told the security guard that I had to go outside and he said he would let me back in. Well, miscommunication later and I missed the first 50-55 minutes of the show due to the lock out. I cried when I finally got inside the movie. I felt like leaving but I stayed and what I saw was delightful. Anyways, Joey called to complain for me and the theater said they do nothing if it was a private showing, hmmmm. I understand but shouldn't they check the doors?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hip, hip, hurray...

Today we start our last round of chemotherapy. Wow!!! I am not excited for Joe to be sick again, but I am excited that after this when he starts feeling better we don't have to push him back down. My children are all very happy people. I am blessed. Joey (my husband, people seem to mix up the two names) is Mr. Optimism himself, and our children inherited his outlook on life. Joe has always just grinned and bore all the trials that have been placed in front of him. I believe that children teach their parents how to be the best people they can be, now whether this continues into teenagehood or if that is where parents have to step up and start being a better example to their children than their children are to them, who knows but I am grateful to be able to learn from the babes.
On a side note, Sophie is doing much better. After further investigation she has a nice little blood shot eye, and a goose egg. Finally last night she stayed in her bed. Yeah!!!
Another side note, if you are a soda drinker, please save the can popper toppers, they can be donated to Primary Children's Medical Center as a donation for the Ronald McDonald house. Each one is worth 5 cents so they add up quickly. I can take them up for you if you want to drop them by my house.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Did this really happen?

Yesterday, I didn't feel like taking Sophie to church. She wanted to wear her swim suit cover up and I wouldn't let her. So she picked a little sting tank top with tights and her boots. I felt like it wasn't very appropriate for church and should have left her home, but I want her to make friends with the children in the ward and she loves the singing and learning about Jesus. So I took her and she was excited to attend nursery. When I picked her up she was not the little girl I left. When I left her she was happy, outgoing and confident. When I picked her up she was bashful, tired and snugly. The nursery leader said that the children had been playing ring around the rosys and they all fell on top of Sophie. She instantly acted tired and snugly, they figured it was nap time. I was worried about a concussion so I took her to the nurse across the street, no concussion.
Today I am taking her to the doctor, in the night she spike a fever of 102* and wanted held the whole time. The nurse said Sophie was probably traumatised, hmmmm. I will try to post what it is, but if anyone knows a chiropractor who is open today, let me know. I can't imagine that she isn't misaligned after such a fun event.
The stinky thing in all of this is that Sophie is two years old and has never even needed a bandaid, she has never had a boo boo, so she has know idea if she is in pain or that pain is what is is called. I think maybe I protect my kids too much, Joe never had a scrape of a sore until he was three and within a couple of months he had probably the biggest boo boo he will ever have. I don't wish pain on Gus but maybe I will try to protect without over protecting him. I don't want my kids to get hurt but it would be a good thing if they could tell me that something hurts when it does so that I can help them more effectively.

Then yesterday, my mother-in-laws dog died while they were at church. So Joey and I got to go to a dog funeral last night. Rest in peace Reagan.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Wedding...

The not so blushing beautiful bride. It was fun to see another couple get married, Joey and I have been to a few sealings at the Salt Lake Temple but never (except our own) at the Mount Timpanogos Temple, it is so very beautiful.

Gus just being cute.

Sophie and Kirstine made friends, it is so cute Sophie is big and she is small just like Erin and me.

Erin and Steve Allred cutting the cake.

Sophie loved the bubbles and even had to take one home. She tried so hard to blow the bubbles herself. Joe has a wonderful preschool teacher who decided that this week they would learn how to blow bubbles, little did she know that we would need these skills just the next day.