Saturday, November 29, 2008

Update on Joe

Our cute boy Joe is acting pretty good lately. We still don't know how his counts are since the scare but we're praying for the best. He is such a good sport he still puts on a big grin and "aahhhh"s at us in delight. He is such a little angel in our li8ves nothing but joys! He is starting to get his hair back in which is exciting, but secretly Michelle likes him bald because it reminds her of the bald baby she always wanted and got with him! Sophie tries so hard to help her Mommy with she tried to pick him up to take him with was so precious! Of course we had to stop her so she wouldn't hurt him...but she loves her brother VERY much and he loves her just as doesn't take words between them to see and know it!
---Aunt Nannie

Christmas Trees

Today Sophie came for a visit and loved the Christmas tree. Michelle says that at their home she does too and while on the phone with her awhile ago Sophie went and tried to plug in Michelle's tree to see the lights. Sophie says "wow" over and over again while looking at Christmas trees. When she saw mine she went over and "wow"ed at it then just sat on my lap looking at it and giggling. I told Michelle that we may need to secure our trees to the walls with such a curious little helper around! I bet Sophie will be a blast for Michelle and Joey this Christmas!

---Aint Nannie

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Highs and Lows

Yesterday was one of the highs for the Di Regolo family. Make-A-Wish started installing Joe's new playground. Joe was cheerful and eating really good for a change too. It seemed like a really good day...

But last night, Michelle called Mom and I and told us Joe had a fever of 103 which means a trip to the hospital. So off they went and discovered that Joe's white blood count was zero...which is not good at all. So he's back in the hospital...but thankfully he is doing well there and should get to be home by Thanksgiving, but they can't be around anyone. Please keep them in yur prayers this Thanksgiving time. And if you get a chance call and send your love since it's the only contact they will be having until Joe's count is up from what I understand.

---Aunt Nannie

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Lately, we have been staying home and getting healthy. Joe and Michelle got sinus infections and a cough. Lucky Sophie and Joey stay healthy pretty much all the time. Good news is that Joe has gotten his appetite back and is loving to eat anything that is crunchy. We have switched his peg to a button and hope that we will like it as much if not more soon. Joe set up a trunk or treat for Doug Smith where he works and it was a huge success for them. Next year it will be even bigger and better. Sophie amazes us with all the words she is picking up everyday. It is true how every child learns at their own pace. We really enjoy Sophie's super fun personality. She is such a big helper for example: she loves Joe better when he is sad, she throws garbage away, she picks out shoes and jacket to go bye-bye, she picks up her toys (with some prompting), to us she is the best Sophie she can be. We feel so blessed that Heavenly Father has sent us two wonderful, precious, sweet, children to love and learn from. For those of you who do not know we are now 5 months pregnant (as of tomorrow). But we are not finding out until Christmas. As for now Toodles.;)