Wednesday, October 8, 2008

BIG girl!

Sophie did it! Today and Grandpa and Grandma B's house Sophie went potty in the toilet! It was her first time and Mommy, Aunt Nannie and Grandma made a huge deal out of it. Sophie was so proud of herself when she saw what she had done. We just thought that anyone following the blog might want to hear about this little triump in the Di Regolo house! Also, Sophie is finally broken of her bottle also!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Eating with the DiRegolo's

So meal time at the DiRegolo home has gotten quite interesting...according to me (Aunt Nannie). Which anytime you have little kids mealtime tends to be! Michelle is an excellent cook and loves to bake which she has a free chance which isn't often these days. A few weeks ago while Joe was getting a feeding tube put in, I had Sophie over and learned just how much fun Michelle has now days. Not only is she t;ube feeding Joe and working on his ever changing taste likes and dislikes due to chemo and radiation but Sophie keeps her hopping! Sophie at the VERY OLD age of 17 months and at the time of these pictures even younger insists upon sitting in a barstool instead of her special counter chair and feeding herself or she won't eat. I fed her and had a HUGE mess to deal with...both she and the kitchen needed a bath before she was through. But I thought she was so cute that I had to post some pics of her on here. Honestly I don't know how Michelle and Joey do it all!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sophie covered in dirt!

The day Joe got his feeding tube put in Sophie stayed with Aunt Nannie...aka Rachael. Sophie had a blast...and so did Rachael! Sohpie's favorite thing though was playing in the sandbox! She loved to throw the dirt up and since it was just her I let her do it! Because he was laughing so hard she drooled a bit creating a muddy mess that I thought was so cute!

Joe Update

So Joe is done with chemo and radiation for a month! He doesn't have to go to chemo again until November and he's all done with radiation. Apparently their was a misunderstanding at the hospital and his treatments won't be weekly as last reports...they will be every 6 weeks so they will be going until about next November if all goes well. He is being such a brave little guy through it all! We love him so much!

Halloween Party

This is Rachael again but I thought you'd enjoy seeing pics of the kids from our Halloween party we had last night. It was SSSOOOO much fun! We had it a little early so that Taylor and MaKaylee could be their and so the kids would have plenty of time to wear their new Halloween outfits before Halloween. We were so thankful that no one was sick so that Joe could come to the party! If you'd like to see more picture from the party check out Rachael's blogspot at their are pictures of our fun menu we ate!
Mommy and Joe in his new shirt from Grandpa and Grandma B.

Sophie with her cousin MaKaylee...they look just like sisters in their matching outfits!

Daddy and Sophie hunting for balls to get their outfits.

Joe! Our handsome and sweet boy!

Sophie! As a little pirate she steals everyone's hearts!