Saturday, August 29, 2009


So last night was not quite so different than normal. I was up 2 times with Gus and Sophie came looking for me while I was nursing him and she couldn't find me so she decided that she would camp in the family room. She turned on the light and curled up on the rocking chair. I had watched as I was nursing going in and out of my room like, she was thinking "Why is mommy playing hide and seek right now?" I wanted to call to her, but I did not want to wake up Joe. So I went looking for her after I finished with Gus. She was so cute all curled up. I turned off the light and rocked her for a little while then put her back to bed. She said, "No mommy, no." So I picked her up again and held her until she was asleep. I love these moments when she prefers me. I know how dumb, but when I take her anywhere she is acts like I am such an embarrassment, and so when she wants to be held I do it.
Needless to say I was pretty tired this morning and since all the children were still sleeping, Joe now in my bed, hmmm, when will I learn? So I was sleeping too. When I heard a bang on my back door. I almost didn't answer. I went to the door, in all my just waking up glory, and my neighbour Larry was there. He said that he thought the goat was dying. We both go running into the 'pasture' and sure enough cute little Chuck Norris is unconscience. Larry starts to unwind the leashes,(the goats have knocked down the fence so many times we are in the process of putting in a more permanent fence. We just bought all the stuff.) While I just sit there all unhelpful. Larry then starts pushing on Chucks chest like CPR, without the mouth to mouth, Chuck starts to belch and then comes back to life. It took him a while to stand (about 5 or 10 minutes) then he got up tried to nurse his mother, but I imagine he has a terrible sore throat. I hope that he fully recovers but thanks to Larry he is not dead right now.


The neighbours that I have taken the time to get to know are all excellent people. All very understanding and kind to our family. We are lucky to live where we live.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Petting Zoo

Okay so call me a tight wad but I think that we enjoyed the goats as much as anything at the Thanksgiving point petting zoo, and we can step outside for free and play with them.
So I am only being not funny. We enjoyed the other animals too. I did decide that pigs stink worse than stud goats and look very disgusting to me. Therefore, I do not think that I will be getting a pig like I had planned on doing in a few years.
The cow loved Joe as you can see. It was a beautiful thing.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hurray!!! We have had a week of accomplishment. 1st: Gus can now sit. 2nd: Sophie is now potty trained. She has only had one mistake yesterday because she was locked in the car seat and it was tiny, but still that is the only one. The day before one and two the day before, not that everyone needs to know what her potty is like but I am so tickled that she is all done with diapers. 3rd: Joe only has one more round of chemo and then we are done. We are done with A treatment and the last is called B (original aye). 4th: Joe gets to go back to school so much sooner than I had anticipated. He will probably get to go in October sometime. His counts have to just drop and then come back up. He loved school so, Hurray!!!
Until another day, tootles

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I don't know how all these great bloggers do it but I never know which picture goes where. So I thought I would just put in some of the pictures I like from when the computer was sick.
The captions I would have said are, "Sunday naps with daddy." "Sophie is such a daddy's girl". "Mema with Gus, they best friends from the get go". "Go Joe, go. Look at him walk. It has been so long since he didn't cry when we put him in the gait trainer".

First Food

This is Aunt Nannie...Chel asked me to share this with you so here you go. Last week Chel, Sophie and Gus went to the zoo with our family while Joe and Joey were at chemo. Michelle couldn't find Gus's binky so she improvised with ice cream!!! Gus LOVED it! We all had a really nice time at the are a few of the pics...if you want to see more visit my blog at

All ready to visit the zoo!

On the carousel.

Gus and Mommy's ice cream!

Sophie loved her ice cream too!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I see

So this is the family picture my friend had posted of me. I think I now know how to take pictures from somewhere else.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Friend, and more

Whenever certain people that I really like call, I answer, "Hello, Friend." One of these people is my friend Natalie, her link is on my blog. I would like to say if you need a GREAT photographer she is the one. She took pictures of our family and they look wonderful, there is a preview on her blogspot, Lehi Wrights. I met Natalie through our mutual friend Jana, we all walked when our 4 year olds were tiny babies. I would talk to them about all the shocking news Joey and I were receiving from the doctors about Joe. There wisdom and friendship helped me through a very difficult time. I think that I wouldn't be so positive about all of Joe's health issues if I hadn't had them to talk to. I don't think that I ever told them thank you so, THANKS LADIES. I would wake up so excited to talk to them and I usually did most of the talking and still they would keep coming, Thank You.
I believe that Heavenly Father puts people in your life when you need them and usually I believe that they need you as well. I know that I have had some very wonderful influences in my life and even though I tell Joey that I want to move, I think it is just because I am bored of the same walls day after day. I can't paint or construct until Joe is cleared by the doctors, the fumes can irritate. So I sometimes think we should move but I don't think that I could ever be in a better more loving ward than the one I am in now. Thank you everyone for you love, prayers, kindness, and patience.
Love, Michelle
P.S. Our new operating system is different and I haven't figured out the picture thing yet, hopefully soon.