Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our check list for the day!!!

Today our goals have been to
1: wake up
2: use less narcotics for pain
3: take a bath
4: go for a walk
5: take a well you know

We have accomplished ALL OF THEM!!!

Joe's goal 1 and 2 go hand in hand. We can now piggy back motrin and acetometaphen, so much easier to stay off of the narcotics that way. We have yet another great tech who told us that Joe will be taking a bath. At home we bathe daily but in the hospital it is so hard to get a bath for the patient. Our tech said that he thinks kids do better when they are clean kids. I agree now because Joe is loving life now that he is bathed. After the bath we went for a long walk. Joe and I decided that when the goats are gone we are going to grow a healing garden, not only are they beautiful they are therapuetic. So donations can be made anytime. Just kidding we don't want them I am just trying to be funny. So far this has been a beautiful day.
Factual thing. We were told that Joe's skull fracture was only small, WHATEVER, the nuerosurgeon showed me the scans and the fracture goes from just under his right ear to his hole scar from the brain tumor removal and through it about another inch or two just above the left ear. NO wonder the poor kid is bruised on both sides of his neck.
I feel blessed and feel that I know why this had to happen. Or at least on of the reasons.

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