Friday, June 17, 2011

Eugene Event

Joe got a new name as he entered the Emergency Department on Wednesday. CMoonEugene. When a person is brought to the ED without identification they give them a object and place combined name. I loved that Joe was Eugene. We have had an awesome tech named Awesome and he said he was working at IMC and a gang fight group of victims came in and they all got flowery names to try to lighten the situation. I was laughing just try to fill in the blanks if you don't understand what I am saying.
Joe is doing better today. He woke up around 10 and has been awake and asleep mostly asleep since then. We are going to try to ween him from the oxygen and start to feed him. I am sure he is loosing weight but his face is still puffy from swelling. He is a fighter. The doctors and nurses have been very accomadating especially considering I am one annoying interfereing parent. If I don't agree I push and issue, I am to prideful to think that maybe they are right and I am wrong. I am trying to learn to budge. I know things that haven't work in the past and I am just not willing to try them again, especially those things that have had scareyness related before.
I would like to express thanks for those who have helped and offered help to us through this ordeal this week. I know it is nothing compared to what others are going through, but people have stepped up to help. Once again I am reminded of how I need to do better. I am hoping it is a short road to recovery but Only God knows and I will need to have faith that like I always say there is something to be learned and something that will enrich our lives out of every adventure in life.
Good thing I started posting again so I had somewhere to let the feelings fly.
Thanks for coming to visit Joe we really feel so supported by you all.
Love, Us the Di Regolo family

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DH Bennett said...

Thank you for the updates. Please know we are there in spirit! You, Joe, and Joey are constantly in our thoughts and prayers as you are going through this scary, unknown, difficult time (I know, an understatement) as are your two little ones at home are also in our prayers and thoughts. We love you and your little family so much. Love, Devan, Heather, Little Devan, David, Ruby, Geric, and Xzander!!!