Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making today the best day yet.

I am going to try to fill everyone up on the highlights of 2011.
Joey seems to just stay constant. He is enjoying his work at Doug Smith Autoplex where he sells vehicles. He has made some great progress in our yard and the shed now has one side usable for us. Thus for all the neighbors a much better beginning of the street with our uncluttered carport. He kept our grass looking AWESOME all summer long. I felt tremendously sinful for being so proud of him and his hard work. He built me a lovely little walkway in my front garden and is hoping to finish my backyard and back garden this spring. This should encourage me to go outside and garden again. This leading into me.
I have discovered the joy of gardening. My broccoli from last year was some of the tallest I have ever seen yet there was not one piece of broccoli to be enjoyed. I grew several things in my garden hopefully this year canning season will not be spent with illness or injure as it was this year. So our family can enjoy the fruits of our labors throughout the winter. As to this for those who have not heard Joey and I decided it was time to add another child to our family and will be blessed with another sweet princess in the coming spring.
Joe had a year of injure and mishaps. He started the year with the ambulance coming due to some milk/egg ingestion. He then got his tonsils, adenoids and some botox injections. Then a couple of head injures causing him to spend more than 10 days at the local children's hospital. Lucky for him and much to my nervousness he has hit a growth spurt growing over 6 cm and 5 lbs in 3 months. He is such a darling. He is still cancer free and loves to have his different therapist work with him on his emerging skills.
Sophie has grown up so much. She believes herself to be far more clever and smart than her mother. Just today she informed me she can't wait to grow up so she can do and go wherever she wants when she wants. Apparently we have a power struggle I was unaware of. She was quite nervous that we would make her have another brother and was much relieved to find out she will have a sister. We took the kids to Disneyland this last Thanksgiving and had a most lovely time. We plan to go again in the next few years. All of the children enjoyed the vacation. Joe and Sophie would ride the roller coaster type rides while Gus who was to short and I who was finishing my first trimester couldn't ride. I was so proud of Sophie showing no fear going on the tower of terror. She is the little head in the back row.

Gus has grown up way to much as well. He started speech therapy in May and in November was nearly kicked out for catching up so well. He was right on track the therapist decided to keep him, well because she is awesome and was Joe's SLP and we absolutely love her. Gus has grown so big he started the year in 18-24 month clothes and closed it out wear 4t pants and 3t and 4t shirts. He is crazy big. And super darling. He makes you shake your head from frustration one minute and then is charming you with his unbelievable sweetness. He says some of the "darnedest" things. I love to have the "Who's ____ best friend?" (filling in the blank with random people). He always says that Sophie is his best friend and that Daddy is mine.
Being a mother to such amazing children is a gift from our Heavenly Father. I would never trade any of them.
So here is to a fresh start with a new year. I have to accept that the skeletons don't go away but I can always "make today the best day yet". (I heard this in church a couple of weeks ago and thought what a great Motto.


R Fitz said...

Yeah!!!! You blogged and updated the pics too!

DH Bennett said...

WOW!!!! How time flies!!!!! Your kids are growing up so fast!!!! We sure do miss you and love you. Congrats on your second little princess!!!