Friday, January 13, 2012


So my dad is a "rock" star. He came over to help us more with the prep for the foundation, he had it all taken care of in no time. He is so strong I am so proud. I need to take pictures of all of this but need to pick up a new sd card or learn how to import all the photos and erase the ones I have.
Joey bought our family our first laptop for a belated Christmas present. We have been borrowing one for the last couple of years. I have been afraid of breaking it so I hardly used it. Now Joey encourages me to use it daily to help me catch up with the times when it comes to computers. I am so terrified I will break it but he says to just not download anything that I am worried about without checking with him so that he can help me not break it.
Growing up I broke the majority of our family computers. I would use them one day and the next it would be acting funny. The crazy thing is that I am not much of a web searcher nor am I a gamer, I use word processing the most. But still manage to break them. If I stop posting either I can't think of anything to write that I am not worried about anyone having access to, or I have broken yet another computer.

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R Fitz said...

Oh goodie! Does that mean a laptop is headed back our way soon?!?! Zak was just beginning to wonder if we would ever see it again...especially since the kids are now to ages they want on the computer more. :D