Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Here's to a new beginning. EGG FREE for life.

I really haven't known what to blog about, it seems that those things that occur in my life are not really of any importance to anyone but myself. I just don't feel like everyone in cyber space should be aware of my day to day activity. But I googled myself and realized I might actually be able to get a following if I wrote more consistently. I am going to start posting about my egg free lifestyle. Why do you ask would anyone want to be EGG FREE? Well when your kiddos break out in hives or just stop breathing with eggs being cooked in the house you go EGG FREE. It all started September 2011, really a crappy month, if truth be told. We changed our lives that month. I had felt for a while that I need to stop using eggs and even cow milk (we were diary free for over a year), but I just couldn't bring myself to give up my favorite breakfast food. Now I really don't care unless, it is birthday season at our house and I can't get a cake to turn out great. This is why I am making my blog switch over, to help other mom's who have allergy kiddos be able to still make them goodies. Baking is my out, my way to escape a overwhelming day or situation. I also do it because I love to see what I can make and alter. I have been keeping some recipes to myself because I love them and really I hate having someone show me up on my own recipe, although I really love to show others up on a recipe, now watch I will never succeed again. Watch for recipes to come. I hope to figure this all out a bit more. Scroll back and there are a few recipes that are simple and delicious on here already.


Emily said...

Woohoo! I love when you blog. Hey maybe Cassie will even make it on your sidebar!!

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